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'Meat Industry' Journal is a comprehensive source for promotion and marketing needs.

In 2008 ‘Meat Industry’ Journal turned 85 years thus becoming the oldest meat industry professional journal in Russia and CIS countries.
We continue our progressive focus on our readers’ and customers’ needs.

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Январь, 2024

'Meat Industry' Journal

For nearly 90 years 'Meat Industry Journal' has been essential reading for all involved in the meat and poultry processing, canning and allied industries, as well as the trade and agricultural sectors of the Russian and world markets.

'Meat Industry' Journal covers all aspects of the meat industry, science and business and it delivers the research articles, analysis, comments, debate, latest news, advanced technologies, new product and equipment innovations, and much more to the industry audiences in the international, national and regional supply chains. We maintain close relationships with research and educational institutions, the meat producers and manufacturers of additives, spices, shells and equipment both national and international, so ‘Meat Industry’ Journal is a comprehensive information centre and a reliable professional benchmarking tool.

We actively participate in the domestic and international exhibitions, conferences and seminars related to the industry and science. The journal serves as a media partner in many exhibitions including PRODEXPO, AGROPRODMASH, INGREDIENTS, WORLD FOOD, IFFA, ROSUPAK, MEAT AND DAIRY INDUSTRY, VIV-RUSSIA, and others.

The main task of the 'Meat Industry' Journal

Is to provide a reliable source of comprehensive information relevant to producers of meat and allied products by publishing and advertising the latest achievements of domestic and foreign science, engineering and technology and to make the published materials available for analysis and future development of the industry and its stakeholders.

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