Our Journal is a monthly full-colour peer-reviewed scientific and technical publication. Established in 1923, it is the oldest publication in the field.

Our authors and subscribers are several generations of researchers, technologists, mechanics, economists and veterinaries. Since Meat Industry Journal was the only professional publication for 70 years in the ex-USSR, all innovative technological ideas, engineering design and introduction of progressively advanced methods of work done in 15 republics and abroad were treated in the Journal.

Today our Journal is a leading publication in the field. Meat Industry Journal is the best-read professional publication in the market, providing the latest industry and science information monthly.

'Meat Industry Journal' is accredited by the Higher Attestation Commission /State Supreme Certification Commission (VAK) and cited in the List of the Leading Russian Peer-Reviewed* Scientific Journals. Therefore, publications reflecting scientific results of the PhD dissertations of both levels in relevant fields were and are always welcomed by our Journal. The scholarly articles are written by experts and are documented with citations and reference lists. Scientific articles submitted to our Journal are peer-reviewed by the Editorial Board (The Peer-Reviewed Panel that consists of scholars and specialists in the field) for quality, accuracy, relevancy and its appropriateness.

The main language of the publication is Russian. However, the majority of research (non-advertising) articles are supplied with summaries and key words in English.

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