Advertisements in the Journal create the image of your business and will undoubtedly attract the attention of your potential partners and customers because they will be seen by the majority of the industry experts. Individual discounts and bonuses are available only in case of purchasing two and more promotional offers.


1st page1 150 Euro
2nd page spread1 150 Euro
3rd page 900 Euro
4th page1 100 Euro

Inside the Journal

1 page - A4 800 Euro
1 / 2 page450 Euro
1 / 3 page380 Euro
1 / 4 page250 Euro
1 / 8 page120 Euro
1 / 16 page90 Euro
Advertising Article - 1 page300 Euro

Ad on the Site

Top Banner (320x85)130 Euro / Month
Banner on the main page (230x60)120 Euro / Month
Publication of promotional articles / news100 Euro

Ad delivery instructions

Submit all online ads as an e-mail attachment to: sub@meatind.ru. Materials must be received: ad module, up to the 10th day of the publication month; ad article in Russian, up to the 1st day of the publication month; ad article in English, up to the 15th day of the previous month.

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