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"Meat Industry" journal is always open for fruitful cooperation.

Requirements for Advertising Materials


1 page bleed 205х282+5mm (bleed)
1 page non bleed (type page) 173х248 mm
1/2 page (only type page) 85х248 mm (vertically)
173х124 mm (horizontally)
1/3 page 55.5х248 mm (vertically)
173х83 mm (horizontally)
1/4 page 85х124 mm (vertically)
173х62 mm (horizontally)
1/8 page 173х62 mm
1/16 page 85х62 mm

ALLOWANCES bleed 5 mm on each side. Please do not place important elements (text, logos, important images) closer than 10 mm from the edge of each side, otherwise they will be cut off!


  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Adobe Photoshop.

CorelDraw (CDR) не принимается!

Texts for make-up of black and white text pages are adopted in formats:

  • MS Word
  • Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
  • Text file (*.txt).

In no case do not make up the Word, because it complicates the preparation of the text for typesetting. The text should be no illustrations and graphs, they must be submitted as separate files. Graphs and diagrams must be submitted in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 3 or in Microsoft Excel.

All files, you must assign names only in the Latin writing.


Raster images should be in TIFF (CMYK or Grayscale, with a resolution of 300 dpi).

Vector images should be in EPS (fonts “converted to curves”, to include all the used bitmaps (respecting requirements for them), scale 1:1). If you transmit to us the layout, which should be finalized, the fonts do not need to be “converted to curves”, but you should enclose all the fonts contained in the layout.


When creating a layout (all programs), please only use the secondary colors CMYK (not RGB composite and Pantone simple colors). Black color, which you use for fonts (text) should be “Black CMYK”(0% cyan, 0% magenta, 0% yellow, 100% black).

Transfer of materials

To facilitate communication with advertisers journal "Meat Industry" provides a convenient service file sharing. You can use it if the amount transferred exceeds the maximum size of files transmitted by e-mail data (more than 7mb).

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